Anna Kurkurina

The strongest woman in the world

Winner of 15 world records

Three times absolute world champion in powerlifting

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Biography Anna Kurkurina

Anna Kurkurin (b. 25 August 1966, Kramatorsk, Ukraine) – Ukrainian athlete and coach, absolute world champion in powerlifting 2008, 2010 and 2012, winner of 15 world records. More than 17 years of coaching. Conducts professional workshops and seminars for coaches.

After graduating from University, she began working at school as a teacher of biology. After a year of work at school, Anna fulfilled her dream-she began working as an employee of the city zoo, where she spent time free from school. For Anna , it was a job for the soul, and this work with animals has changed her character. Anna constantly had to do hard work, clean the cells and feed the cubs who refused to drink the mother’s milk. Thanks to this passion Anna has completely changed. The girl gained self-confidence, self-confidence. That strengthened her spirit of sportsmanship. The sport came to Anna’s life, also thanks to her work in the zoo. After all, hard work, obliges to be a strong person, and Anna decided to go to the gym.. Anna started gymnastics and aerobics. But such physical activity was insufficient for Anna , and Anna began to train together with men.

After some time Anna began to help the coach to make training programs, and after a time began to conduct training for everyone. Anna had a lot of fans, because Anna showed herself as a purposeful person, a sensitive and attentive mentor.

In 1998 Anna Kurkurin fulfilled another of his dreams: hire a sports club called “Bagheera”. Anna’s own business was successful: satisfied customers and clients brought their friends. And Anna’s fans of talent only increased . In parallel, Anna started a channel on YouTube. The woman took off training and gave useful advice to those people who want to put their own body in order, to teach the body to proper nutrition and daily exercise. The author’s system of training-gave excellent results.

One day Anna saw a video about a girl who was called the strongest in the world. From that moment on, there was a new dream — to become the strongest woman. Anna Curcuminoid already turned 40. But age did not stop the woman: in Anna lived the confidence that each goal is achievable. Anna Kurkurin began to train even harder. Hands, back, stomach and buttocks of the woman became more and more muscular, and competent drying helped to achieve faultless appearance. And after 1.5 years, Anna realized her dream. Having gone to the world championship and made 5 world records. Anna was recognized as the strongest woman in the world.

In 2008, 2010 and 2012 Anna Kurkurin became the absolute world champion in powerlifting (barbell separation from the platform and the lifting rod from a prone position).

All the questions about appearance Anna replied -“I am the strong woman — but what else should I look? Dystrophy? Than I barbell press d?”

So, ironically, the shortcomings of the figures, brought to tears as a youth, became the main advantage of Anne of Mercurino in adulthood.

Today Anna continues to train people, and more and more people become healthy and beautiful, thanks to Anna’s techniques. And in 2017, the Anna posted a touching video, demonstrating the result of her own efforts: a boy with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy after two years of training can already walk independently and confidently. And such children become more and more. Thanks to Anna’s work with these kids.

Anna of all the gratitude and praise of her work , says: that the sport is doing real miracles.